Film and Video Production Crews & Support
Chicago - Milwaukee - Madison - Green Bay
FRESH COAST™ Production Resources has studios, sound stages and post-production facilities throughout Wisconsin and Northern Illinois.
Fresh Coast Production Resources provides film and video production crews & support in Milwaukee, Chicago, Madison and Green Bay.
Chicago Studios and Production Facilities

NEED A STUDIO in Chicago, Milwaukee, Madison or Green Bay?

No Hassles. No Worries.

Over the years we’ve developed strong working relationships with studios, sound stages, and post-production facilities in Chicago and Milwaukee.
This shows the Fresh Coast Studios green screen production sound stage.

Whether it’s a simple talking head against green screen or an elaborate sound stage production, we can provide the right solutions at the right price. Want to edit in a real post production facility rather than your hotel room? Need access to an audio recording studio? We can make it happen.

This is a white infinite cyc video/film studio rigged for a typical FRESH COAST™ Production Resources shoot.

FRESH COAST™ can provide a full spectrum of video, film and audio post-production services.

Audio recording studios with mixing/mastering capabilities are readily available from FRESH COAST™ Production Resources.

Tell us what you’re shooting, where, and when. We’ll make it happen.

Film and Video Studios and Post Production