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Milwaukee - Chicago - Madison - Green Bay
Fresh Coast Production Resources provides film and video production crews & support in Milwaukee, Chicago, Madison and Green Bay.
FRESH COAST™ Production Resources was established by Milwaukee independent producer Ralph Pabst and the PABST Company along with Jeff Taylor and TAYLOR Studios, Ltd. to make it easier for out-of-state film and video producers to work in the Fresh Coast region of Wisconsin and Northern Illinois.

As producers of independent films and corporate video presentations, our success is totally dependent on our ability to assemble the right combination of people and technology to meet the requirements of a particular project. Over the past 25 years, we have come to rely on a rather select group of very talented and dependable Wisconsin crew people,
equipment rental sources, and production and post-production facilities. No doubt you have established similar relationships in your area.

For us, the problem comes when we have to shoot in other parts of the country. Like you, we search the web, send a lot of emails, and make way too many phone calls trying to put together a crew, line up equipment, and nail down all the other logistical details of shooting on location a thousand miles away. In the end, we get on the airplane with our fingers crossed hoping everyone and everything shows up at the right place and at the right time. Will the DP we hired really be as good as his on-line demo suggests? Will the equipment we've requested be there and actually work?

And that’s what FRESH COAST Production Resources is all about. Tell us what you need. When you need it. And we’ll take care of the rest”.


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