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Milwaukee - Chicago - Madison - Green Bay
Fresh Coast Production Resources provides film and video production crews & support in Milwaukee, Chicago, Madison and Green Bay.

Turnkey Crew Solutions in Chicago and the Upper Midwest.

We’ve all been there. First you have to convince the TSA guy that what may look to him like a bomb is really only a microphone. The next hurtle is sneaking your oversized Portabrace case onto the plane. And then there is the sinking feeling of being forced to hand your camera to some baggage guy to be “gate checked” when it won’t fit under the seat of one of those so called “commuter jets”. These days, flying with camera gear is just not worth the risk or the hassle. Let FCPR provide you with competitively priced video and film camera packages in virtually any format, right here in Chicago, Illinois's Fresh Coast.

HD-2K-4K Ultra High Definition Digital Film Video Cameras Milwaukee Wisconsin Northern Illinois

Chicago, Illinois Film and Video Camera Rentals

HD Video

  • Panasonic VariCam
  • Panasonic P2
  • Panasonic DVCProHD
  • Sony XDCAM
  • Sony, Canon, HDV

Digital Cinema
Camera/Lens Packages

  • Red One 4K
  • ARRI Amira & Alexa
  • Red Epic 5K & Red Scarlet
  • Sony FS-100 & 700
  • Sony F-3
  • Sony F55
  • Canon EOS Digital Cinema
  • (C-100, C- 300, C-500)
  • Canon DSLR
  • Black Magic Cinema

  • Arri 16 & 35mm
  • Cine Prime Lenses

Cine-Video Lens Adapters


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